Steps in building the website

Steps in building the site

The website is the business card and showcase of every business, which decides to advertise itself online.
The site can be a new breakthrough for any business that wants to maximize its sales.

In my work at webcreative, it is important for me to share with you all the stages of building the site, from the stage of formulating the idea together, through the development of the site and its design according to your personal taste to the stage where the site goes live.

Formulation of an idea and characterization of the site

At this point we will formulate together the idea behind an entire site with the setting of its goals and objectives. So that it will be fully adapted to the representation of the business / image you want to convey to your customers.
The characterization phase will define what type of site you will have, what it will look like, what menus it will contain, what categories it will have, what pages will appear on it, what the site’s content will be, what its design will look like and what elements it will have, such as texts, images, videos , Blogs, products for sale and the like.
The website characterization will contain the requirements and goals you want to achieve for your business.

Purchase a domain and a hosting company

If you still do not have a domain and have not chosen a site hosting company, I can help you with advice on how to purchase your personal domain – the domain is the address where your site can be found and it will accompany you from now on with the site.

Choosing a suitable template / custom design

The site will be built on a purchased template that you choose from a selection of templates that I will offer you, which match the characterization of the site.
Or, alternatively, that the site be built on a basic template with full implementation of the design according to what is specified in the characterization. This is according to the choice of the relevant package.
Once I get approval from you for characterization, I will start looking for a suitable template or I will start building the elements on the main page by a professional content editor on a WordPress platform. This is according to the plan you choose.

Website development

The site development phase is a complex technical phase and includes careful planning of the site structure and the functions it contains.
The construction of the site in the studio includes its adaptation to the various browsers and responsive construction – adaptation to the various media devices and an emphasis on adaptation to mobile.

Website design

In the studio, it is very important to me what your site will look like and how it will represent you and your business.
In my work, I always strive to create unique and aesthetic websites with a very high level of finish, and I place emphasis on creating easy-to-navigate and user-friendly websites.
I will adjust the right design to the nature of the site in terms of cropping the images, adjusting the right colors, fonts and sizes of the various parameters on the site and everything so that the user experience will be the most comfortable for your potential customers.

Adaptation for different browsers

The site will be adapted to modern browsers accepted in the market in the latest versions (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) that support HTML5 and CSS3.

Adaptation for mobile devices

The construction of the site in the studio includes responsive construction – adaptation to the various media devices. 100% responsive website – a website suitable for all types of mobile devices and tablets.

Uploading content to the site

The content will be entered according to what is written in the price list sections of the site and the other content or future content will be entered into the site by you, after you receive full instruction from me on how to do so.
You will need to provide all the content of the site, which will include appropriate texts and images.

Completion of the project and delivery of the site

At a good and successful time we have reached a stage where you approve the design and programming of the site and it makes its way to the air and now all customers will be able to be exposed to the greatness of your business and be a part of your customers.